Our Homegrown Wellington Crew bringing you the teas from afar
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About Our TEAS


Milk Tea

You might be confused by how we managed to get our deliciously creamy teas dairy free. It definitely had us stumped for a wee while! With a bit of noggin scratching and hunting, we decided on a product that allowed vegan consumption. Our creamer has a vegetable fat and fructose base.

Our Milk Teas combine the milky goodness of our soy-based creamer with some of the fruitiest flavours around. Powder-based and absolutely scrumptious, they’re a safe bet for any newcomer to the world of Bubble Tea. Popular Options: Original Milk Tea, Taro Milk Tea, Matcha Milk Tea, Rockmelon Milk Tea etc.

Herbal Tea

Our teas are sourced directly from Taiwan for total authenticity. We brew these daily in order to also maintain premium freshness.

We are also looking for a great source of New Zealand tea to fully fuse this Asian treat with pure Kiwiana.

Our Herbal Teas are a slightly more adventurous option. With either a Black or Green tea base and fruity syrup, these ice teas are as sweet as they are refreshing. Those who enjoy the likes of Lipton may want to dive into this style of drink. Popular Options: Peach Black Tea, Strawberry Green Tea, Passionfruit Black Tea etc.


Our drinks can be topped off with a wide range of extras!
Tapioca Pearls (Bubbles) are the most popular option, providing a sweet and chewy element to your beverage. Jellies come in a range of fruity flavours, all with a coconut base for texture. These juicy treats bring a level of excitement to your tea experience. We also offer a range of puddings and ice creams, ensuring that you can have your drink exactly the way you want it!

Unfortunately our ice creams are still dairy based as we are yet to find a dairy free ice cream that we really love! Watch this space for further advances toward our totally vegan goal!


New Ranges

Breakfast Menu

Hey Bubble Tea lovers, we know getting out of bed in the morning can be tough but Noah’s Ark is here to help! Come try our Morning Glow Series for a quick wake-me-up on the way to work or school. 
Inspired by the comforting flavours of home, these drinks will give you the energy you need to get through the day! 
From Hazelnut Mocha to Spiced Oatmeal, these drinks will be available at all stalls and all day! Revive your morning by indulging in some tasty treats from Noah’s Ark ☺️ 

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Milk Foam Series

Last year we added milk foam to the menu, a literal topping that adds a layer of dairy free salty cream to the top of a drink, and it’s been a hit! We wanted to experiment with this, to see what wondrous creations could be made to complement our teas. Noah’s Ark is proud to present our Milk Foam Series 😊 All new flavours of milk foam can be added to all your favourite drinks! Chocolate, Caramel and Honey pair perfectly with our sweeter varieties, while Strawberry and Matcha are great options for milky or fruity flavours. Not sure what combinations work well? Ask our friendly staff or consult our range of suggestions.
We want to keep innovating, to push the boundaries of what bubble tea could be. Let us know what flavours or varieties you want to see in our stores. As always, we’re proud to have the support of all you guys and we look forward to seeing you in store soon!

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