What is bubble tea?

Noah’s Ark Teahouse, the Bubble Tea chain like no other, brings Bubble Tea home to Wellington, New Zealand. Bubble Tea is a delicious East Asian shaken drink, made either with a milky base or tea base, most commonly served with Tapioca pearls. At Noah’s Ark, we take bubble tea and add our own creative twist. We bring our customers classic freshly brewed teas, as well as new flavour inventions created by our proud Bobaristas. We pride ourselves on giving our customers choice. You can customise our teas with an array of toppings, flavours and drink variety. All of our drinks and toppings are Vegan, Dairy-Free and Gluten-Free, with the exception of optional fresh milk (instead of the Vegan creamer base) and ice cream as a topping. There are also sweetness and temperature levels, that are interchangeable to your taste. We truly do have a drink for everyone!

As a newcomer, ordering Bubble Tea could seem confusing, but it can be broken down into five simple steps: 1. Tea Option, 2. Flavour, 3. Sweetness, 4. Temperature and/or 5. Ice Level.

If you’re still stuck our Bobaristas are really knowledgeable and ready to help.

where is our tea comes from?

At Noah’s Ark, we believe that freshly brewed tea is the only way to go! Our tea leaves are imported from some of the finest tea farms in Asia and special promotions featuring tea from the Zealand Estate in Hamilton. Our Black and Green teas are brewed daily and more specialised tea such as Oolong, Earl Grey and Rose brewed on request!

Health Queries

We pride ourselves on being able to provide our drink to as many people as possible! Our milk based drinks are made using a soy based creamer (except for fresh milk and ice cream toppings) and so are vegan as well as dairy and gluten free!